Your Responsibility

It is ultimately a company's responsibility to select the proper equipment in respect to safety. All facilities can be held accountable by one or all authorities having jurisdiction. OSHA, Local fire inspectors/officials and even your insurance company are good examples to name a few. Select the proper equipment that will ensure that your workers remain safe in their everyday work environments. Make sure you meet the mandates set forth by the NFPA and its policing agencies AHJ, OSHA and Insurance Companies.

How Do I Choose?

Dynabrade has created a Configurator to help guide you to the right clean air solution. Knowing the degree of hazard your application poses is vital to finding the correct clean air solution. Dynabrade recommends performing a dust hazard analysis to find out if your dust is inert, combustible, or explosive.

Which is the best fit for your application, source capture or Downdraft capture?  Source capture uses portable vacuums connected to a shroud on a dust producing tool to capture dust at the source.  This is typically the most efficient way to capture dust and should be the first choice.  Downdraft capture uses a downdraft of air to capture dust from the area around a dust producing tool, without a shroud, and is only recommended where source capture is not possible.

Start the Configurator below by choosing downdraft or source capture and then follow the selection prompts.


Downdraft capture uses a downdraft of air to capture dust from the area around a dust producing tool without a shroud. Downdraft capture is recommended where source capture is not possible or in combination with source capture dust
collection systems.

What type of material are you collecting?

Source capture clean air solutions consist of portable vacuums used in combination with an air tool or cleaning attachment. Capturing dust beyond general "housekeeping" throughout the manufacturing process promotes operator health as well as facility safety. Workshops and facilities alike who institute dust abatement plans including, Dynabrade source capture solutions realize enhanced operator efficiency, fewer instances of rework and extended abrasive life.