Maximize Value With Expert Repair

Regular maintenance keeps your tools performing at their best for better finishes and less down-time.

Authorized Repair

To maximize the long-term value of your Dynabrade products, have them repaired by our Authorized Repair Centers. They have a fully trained staff to meet all your service needs. By relying on our Repair Centers for service, you can be confident that your tool will continue to operate at peak levels of performance. Dynabrade's Authorized Repair Centers have been trained and authorized to repair your tool back to its top performance levels. Please ask Dynabrade India to find your Authorized Dynabrade Repair Facility.

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Repair It Yourself

For those who have their own in-house repair facilities, ask your local Dynabrade Distributor about our tune-up kits available for selected models or place your order for specific parts as needed directly with your
Dynabrade distributor.

Motor Tune-Up Kits

The regular maintenance of any air tool will contribute to greater efficiency of the tool and will prolong tool life. Motor Tune-Up Kits contain replacement parts which are most susceptible to wear. Each Dynabrade tool is complimented by a specific Motor Tune-Up Kit which you will find referenced throughout our print catalog and parts pages.

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Drop-In Motors

Drop-in Motors provide a convenient, dependable way to repair your tools in-house.

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Air Tool Maintenance Guide

Dynabrade has designed a booklet to promote and assist with proper air tool maintenance.

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